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Tears of Themis: Unveiled Dreams Rewoven Limited-Time Event

ByNoel A

Jun 17, 2023
Tears of Themis Unveiled Dreams Rewoven Limited-Time Event

Are you ready to enter your favorite characters’ dreams in Tears of Themis? If so, you will not want to miss the Tears of Themis Unveiled Dreams Rewoven Limited-Time Event. In this event, you can explore the subconscious worlds of Luke, Vyn, Artem, and Marius and discover their hidden secrets and desires. Additionally, you can gather dream pieces and trade them in for premium rewards like clothing, furniture, and other items. However, do not wait too long; this event will end on July 31.  So do not put off your dream adventure any longer and sign up today!

Get Ready for Marius’ Birthday

Get Ready for Marius’ Birthday is the first installment of the event series. It will take place from June 12 to June 15. You can do daily tasks in this section to get inspiration. Inspiration Value can be used to obtain S-Chips, Stellin, and other rewards. Talking to Marius in Visit mode, playing different game modes, and using AP during the event period is among the tasks.

Dreams Rewoven 

Dreams Rewoven is the second installment of the event series. It will take place from June 14 to June 24. In this section, you can obtain Wishing Notes by completing daily tasks. Then, you can use wishing notes to make travel wishes. Travel Wishes are special missions that allow you to travel around the world with Marius. Moreover, you can also gain access to new story scenes. Travel wishes will also give you Eternal Flame tokens. Next, you can use Eternal Flame tokens to draw on the Eternal Flame Event, Shadow of Themis.

Another feature of the event is the Eternal Flame Shadow of Themis Gacha. It contains the new SSR card Eternal Flame for Marius. This card shows Marius as a painter who looks for illumination in a dim environment. The card has high stats and skills that can help you in different game modes. Furthermore, you can also get Trace of Tears tokens from the gacha. Finally, in the Trace of Tears Exchange Shop, you can exchange tokens for additional rewards.

You can also enjoy a time-limited total purchase event and a mall event while Dreams Rewoven is running. Depending on how much you spend during the event period, the Time-Limited Total Purchases Event will reward you with S-Chips, Stellin, Oil-Painting Tools, Block Components, Touch Styluses, Bluetooth Earpieces, Infinity Chips, and other items. Various packs will be offered for sale at the mall event. These packs contain a variety of items, including S-Chips, Stellin, Wishing Notes, Eternal Flame tokens, Trace of Tear’s tokens, Oil-Painting Tools, Block Components, Touch Styluses, Bluetooth Earpieces, Infinity Chips, and others.

Year 1 Event-exclusive Reruns

The Year 1 event-exclusive rerun makes up the third segment of the event series. From June 12 to June 17, it will take place. In this section, you can play Crown of Glory, one of the older events that featured Marius’ SSR birthday card. These events include:

  • Crown of Glory Shadow of Themis rerun: Crown of Glory, a limited-time gacha featuring Marius’ birthday SSR card from last year. This card depicts Marius as a nobleman seeking glory and honor in a crazy world. The card has high stats and skills that will aid you in various game modes. The gacha also rewards you with Trace of Tears tokens. You can use Trace of Tears’s tokens to get other rewards from the Trace of Tears Exchange Shop.
  • Mall Items: Various items for sale during the Year 1 birthday events have returned to the Mall. These products include the Privilege Pack (Year 1), Event Packs (Year 1), Time-Limited Packs (Year 1), Oil-Painting Tools (Year 1), Block Components (Year 1), Touch Styluses (Year 1), Bluetooth Earpieces (Year 1), and other products.

Do not pass up the opportunity to share in Marius’ birthday celebrations and Themis, his romantic fantasies! Stay tuned for more information on Tears of Themis, and pre-register today to receive special rewards at the launch!

About Tears of Themis

A game called Tears of Themis combines romance, mystery, and the law. It takes place in Stellis, a city where unusual cases have occurred. You take on the role of a new attorney who collaborates with four male leads to resolve cases and uncover the truth. The four male leads are:

  • Luke Pearce is a decent and courageous detective who is concerned with law and order.
  • In a chaotic world, Marius von Hagen strives for honor and glory with his gentlemanly and sophisticated business skills.
  • Vyn Richter is a charismatic and intelligent psychiatrist who focuses on the psychology of emotions.
  • Artem Wing is a charming and enigmatic hacker who challenges authority.

The game has a complex plot with multiple resolutions, a humorous evidence system that enables you to gather and present evidence in court, a card system that improves your skills and abilities across various game modes, and a visit system that enables you to interact with the male leads and strengthen your bonds with them. 

Devices running iOS and Android can play Tears of Themis. Languages other than English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese are available in the game. Although the game is free to play, it contains advertisements and in-app purchases.


The Unveiled Dreams Rewoven event is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet the characters from Tears of Themis. You can learn more about their personalities, backgrounds, and feelings by exploring their dreams.  You can also earn fantastic rewards that will improve your gameplay and collection. But keep in mind that this event will be over soon, so do not miss out on the fun. Start your dream journey with Luke, Vyn, Artem, and Marius by downloading Tears of Themis right now!

By Noel A

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